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September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Credit One Win's Eric Insurance 'Broker of the Year'

Credit One are proud to announce that for the third year in a row we have been awarded ERIC Insurance's prestigious 'Broker of the year' award.

This Queensland-based award saw Credit One compete against 50 other firms to take out the top spot.

Credit One CEO, Michael Rojek said he was delighted to accept the award on behalf of the Credit One team & said the recognition was testament to the great service & value provided to customers by our Credit One finance specialists.

Sail into Summer with Credit One's Express Boat Loans

As the weather warms up, Credit One's boat dealers are seeing a large increase in the number of clients considering purchasing boats and jet skis. Credit One's boat finance specialists are market leaders in arranging all types of boat and marine finance.

We deal with Australia's leading boat financiers and can offer finance and insurance packages that beat the banks and traditional dealer finance.

If you’re looking to upgrade or even purchase your first boat or personal water craft, talk to Credit One's marine finance team on 07 3420 7000, email us on boats@creditone.com.au or simply fast-track your application by applying online now.

Or call our specialists on 07 3420 7000 for an obligation free quote.

Why Putting the Car Loan on the Home Mortgage is a Bad Idea

With record low home loan interest rates and rising property prices, it can be tempting to increase your home loan when looking to finance your next car.

There are some perceived benefits but also many disadvantages that could result in you adding years and thousands of dollars to your home loan.

Perceived advantages:

  • Loan payments may stay the same
  • A low 'headline' interest rate
  • Quick access to funds

However your gains with this type of finance may be short term and with two of your most important assets (your home and car) you should really be thinking long term, rather than short term.


Over time, the size of the debt, the years added to the loan and the effect of compound interest may result in you paying much more total interest.

Adding your car loan to your home loan can add many years to your total loan. You may also feel like you have never quite paid off your car loan which can also have the effect of feeling like you are ‘stuck’ with your car.

This handy article can provide you with more information why you shouldn't use home equity to buy your new car.

At Credit One, we recommend a separate finance package for your car loan as it allows you greater control over your finance and provides great cost savings.

So instead of talking to your bank about home equity loans or their standardized car finance offer, talk to Australia’s leading car finance broker.

With a panel of over 35 of Australia’s best and most trusted lenders to choose from, you can be confident that you’re making the smartest choice for your next car purchase.

Or call our specialists on 07 3420 7000 for an obligation free quote.

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