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Still searching for

The perfect home loan we mean…

So you have found the perfect home, ticked all boxes and have agreed on a price.

For many people that was the simplest part of the equation as they had a clear picture of exactly what they wanted in their perfect home.

Now to select the perfect Home Loan!

There are so many factors to consider,

  • Do you want to deal with ajor BIG 4 bank or would you prefer a smaller lender?
  • Did you want a lender that has walk in branches or do you only require internet banking access?

Then there is the various type of loan products to consider,

  • Do you require a fixed rate?
  • Did you require a variable rate loan with an offset account or is a simple redraw facility suitable for your needs?
  • Will you make regular or extra payments or will only make the minimum repayments?

By dealing with an experienced broker and answering all these questions you can be guided to finding the right home loan.

Often, that the easiest thing for lenders to promote and advertise is the interest rate, but sometimes the cheapest advertised rate isn't really the cheapest for you or hidden fine print means that you're not eligible for that promotion.

The first step should be contacting an experienced Credit One Home Loan broker who has access to a panel of over 40 different financiers and almost 100 different loan products.

Rather than complicating the equation by speaking to multiple banks and various websites, Your Credit One Home Loan broker will compare all available options will do all of the running around and leg work for you so you don't have to!

Your Credit One Home Loan broker has years of experience and will source the best and most suitable loan for you, after all - we're the home of homeloans!

To find out why more and more Australians are choosing Credit One for all of their finance & insurance needs. Talk to Simon Martin today through detail below.

Simon Martin | Mortgage Specialist

Simon has been with the Credit One Group for over 6 years and has over 11 years total finance experience.

Simon is General Manager for Credit One's rapidly expanding Home Loan & Mortgage finance team.

Simon will spend the extra time to make sure he can source the best loan package. He will not give up on an application.

To talk to Simon about the great options he can offer on your next home or investment property, call Simon on (07) 3420 7061, 0423 204 866 or email him at smartin@creditone.com.au

Simon Martin

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