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Car Finance Melbourne

Save time and money when you choose Credit One’s Car Finance Melbourne. 

As Australia’s best-rated finance broker, Credit One has the leading car finance options to get our Melbourne customers out on the road. With over 20 years of experience in the finance industry, we are proud to operate as Melbourne’s leading brokers. We are determined to provide the best car finance Melbourne residents can turn to through our flexible and friendly brokerage service. 

Getting Melbournians the car finance they deserve is our passion. Supported by our ability to match borrowers up with their optimal financiers, we make this process more accessible than ever. When you choose Credit One, you’ll have access to finance options from over forty of Australia’s top lenders, including those not typically available to the public. By not being bound to a single lender with concrete rates, you are free to explore the possibilities and find the perfect loan that meets the requirements of your dream car. 

With over 1100 five-star Google reviews, Credit One is one of the best brokerages in the country. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff will get you the best deal on financing a new car. So if you’re after the leading car finance Melbourne knows and loves, get in contact with our team on 1300 CREDIT (1300 273 348) or make an online quote.

Personal Car Finance Melbourne 

There is no doubting the benefits of owning a car. If you are thinking about taking out a personal loan for a car, why not let Credit One find you the best deal? Upgrade the family car, or even treat yourself to a new collectable. The possibilities are endless with Credit One’s personal car finance services.

When you opt for a personal car finance option, your Credit One consultant will help you take control of your repayments whilst you get to drive away in your new car. With our loan calculator, you can work out what your ideal repayment plan might look like before speaking with one of our consultants. 

All you’ll need to do is provide Credit One with supporting documentation to support your financial capabilities. Following this, your Credit One consultant will create your unique borrowing profile, and we will match you up to one of our partnered lenders. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor the best financiers with unique benefits for each scenario, as no two borrowers are the same. 

Part of what makes Credit One car finance the best car finance Melbourne has access to is that our support doesn’t stop once you’ve got the loan. Throughout its duration, you’ll have complete access to Credit One’s extensive support network to provide assistance wherever needed. 

Credit One Melbourne Business Car Finance 

Thousands of businesses rely on a fleet of vehicles to operate and service their customers. Credit One is here to help managers secure the car finance Melbourne businesses depend on. Whether it’s a new work van, or another service vehicle, your finance options are made easier with Credit one. 

Credit One has a team of business finance specialists experienced in securing suitable loans for business owners on vehicles. Our business finance team will help find a finance solution for you, but following the purchase, it may be important to confirm you have received all tax invoices from the dealership so you can claim all relevant deductions through the ATO.

Business owners opt for financing for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to help manage cash flow, divert funding into their growth or just to increase their fleet. Whatever your reason, Credit One can make it happen. We can help work out with you how much you can borrow and provide information about secured or unsecured loans. When it comes to the informed and honest car finance Melbourne businesses need, that’s Credit One. 

Car Finance Melbourne Frequently Asked Questions 

How do your car finance Melbourne options work? 

Credit One’s car finance for Melbourne residents operates as either an unsecured or secured loan. After contacting a Credit One consultant regarding car finance, we’ll evaluate your financial circumstances and objectives, how you would like to manage your loan, and other fees associated. 

Your secured loan will have:

  • Fixed interest over the term of the loan
  • When the rates are set, the interest is lower
  • The option to make extra loan repayments
  • Low exit costs
  • Low account keeping fees
  • Either partial or full funding
  • More flexibility and control for you

How can I get the best rate for my car finance?  

Everyone wants to get the best deal; we can’t blame you for that. However, the ‘best deal’ is different for each loan applicant. We are determined to match you with the best rates to suit your financial circumstances, but some borrowing profiles are more suited than others. Factors that might impact the loan interest rate include:

  • Your current financial circumstances
  • The amount you need to borrow
  • How old the car is 
  • Financial history

However, the best chance to secure the top rates and the best car finance in Melbourne is through Credit One. We have such a diverse range of partnered lenders; we are sure to match you with the best rates for you. 

Should I buy a car outright or finance one?

Whether you choose to purchase your car outright or finance a car is entirely up to you. The better option will come down to your own financial circumstances. Car loans in the current economic climate have never been easier or more budget-friendly. Interest rates are low, so financing a car in Melbourne is a very attractive option for some. Some of the main reasons Credit One Customers decide to finance a car rather than purchase outright include: 

  1. When you choose to finance your next car, you will have access to your money when you need it, rather than all your available cash being tied up in the vehicle had you purchased it outright. 
  2. Once you complete payments on time, you will then grow your credit history, which will help you get more significant loans in the future at a lower rate. 
  3. You can also consolidate multiple loans into a single loan paid monthly. Meaning you will only need to consider one payment. 
  4. Financing a car allows you to use the car straight away. You won’t need to put money away for years to save and purchase your vehicle, and you can use that money over time to fund the repayments. 


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Whether you’re after a new car, financing for a home, a business equipment loan or something a little more fun, Credit One can help secure your dream. Simply contact us online by or and chat with our friendly team.

2. Lodgement

Save time and hassle by letting us lodge a financing application for you. Our expert brokers will source the best option, tailored to your needs, prepare your documents and follow up within 24 hours to secure your loan sooner.

3. Approval

Next comes approval, enjoy the feeling of knowing you’re only one step away from acquiring financing! Your chosen lender will perform their final checks and both parties sign off any remaining paperwork prior to settlement.

4. Settlement

You’ve been approved, signed your documents and acquired any necessary insurance. Settlement is the time when the lender lodges your documents and transfers the funds. Congratulations, you’ve achieved financing in four easy steps!