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Car Finance Perth

Quick and straightforward car finance options from Perth’s top-rated finance broker. 

For over two decades, Credit One has been simplifying car finance for customers across Perth and Australia. We take a no-nonsense approach to borrowing – with the advice from our specialists, they’ll match you with the optimal loan in no time. 

There are countless benefits of choosing Credit One to help finance your new car in Perth. Through our numerous partnered financiers, we can tailor a finance package to meet your unique borrowing profile and your budget. Our range of options leads to more competitive rates between lenders and a better outcome for you. We have partnerships with over forty of Australia’s leading lenders, including some not commonly available to the public. Credit One has the best range of car finance Perth residents have access to. 

We have a shared goal: getting you behind the wheel of your dream car. So, whether you need a car or van for personal use or as part of your business, we’ll aim to make the process of acquiring a loan as seamless as possible. What’s more, we don’t take a general approach to each of our clients. We understand that everyone has a unique financial background, which is why each finance option that we present has been personalised to suit you and your financial requirements.

Time without a car is time wasted, so come and find out why Credit One is the easiest way to finance your car in Perth. Contact our team on 1300 CREDIT (1300 273 348) or through our online quote.

Car Finance Perth for Businesses

As business moves, you also need a fleet that moves with it. Secure car finance for your business today at Credit One. We’ll help adjust your loan terms to fit the needs of your business, as we understand businesses grow at different rates. If you’re a plumber in need of a new work van, or a builder seeking an upgraded 4WD, we can match you with the best deal. 

Credit One has a dedicated finance team for businesses who understand the unique needs of managers when it comes to working vehicles. Often known as a Chattel Mortgage, a member of the Credit One team can set you up with a rate that suits your budget today. 

Credit One has the car finance Perth businesses trust due to our no-nonsense and supportive approach to helping secure loans.

Numerous businesses do not have the cash to permit an outright purchase of a new company vehicle, making car financing necessary. Even for companies that can afford to pay outright, investing your money in an asset will leave you with less working capital to put towards other operations or build growth in other areas. 

Personal Car Finance 

As one of the most significant purchases in life, buying a new car is an exciting prospect. Whether it’s the first car to teach the kids to drive in, or upsizing to fit your growing family, Credit One is here to get you the keys in no time. 

No matter if you’re looking to purchase a new model or a second-hand vehicle, Credit One has the car finance Perth residents value for flexibility. Many big lenders will refuse to offer a loan for a car purchased through a private vendor, but with our partnerships, we know we can secure you a rate that gets you the vehicle you’re after. 

Knowing how you’ll be impacted when you take out car finance is essential. You can use our loan calculator to help you understand your repayment schedule on the amount you intend to borrow. It is also worth preparing a cash flow forecast with your accountant to see how this new financing will affect the bottom line at home. 

Car Finance Perth Frequently Asked Questions 

I have a bad credit history; can I still get car finance in Perth? 

Part of what makes Credit One the top choice for car finance for Perth residents is our ability to find the best deals for customers of all financial backgrounds. Bad credit history is not the preventing factor from getting a car loan as it once was. Today, with our relationships with our partnered financiers, we negotiate hard to get you the right rate on a car loan, whatever your credit history. Whilst it is no guarantee that you’ll be able to get an offer from a financier, we will endeavour to find you the best deal we can. 

Should I purchase or finance my car? 

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are several benefits to either side. What defines the ‘best’ option will come down to your unique financial situation and capabilities. 

We are not licensed to provide financial advice in this regard, so we recommend you consult with a financial planner or accountant to determine which option is best for you. 

However, some of the reasons our customers prefer to finance their car over purchasing one outright include: 

  1. When you choose to finance your car, you will have access to the rest of your money when you need it, rather than all of your cash being tied up in a single purchase. 
  2. Financing a car allows you to use it right away. You won’t need to put money away for years to purchase the car, and instead, you can use that money to put towards the completion of the repayment schedule. 
  3. As you complete your scheduled payments on time, you will build your credit history that will help you get other loans later. 
  4. You can also consolidate multiple loans into a single loan that is paid monthly, meaning you will only need to consider a single payment. 

How can I calculate my loan repayments?

In your consultation with your Credit One broker, you’ll both go over the fine print regarding your loan repayment schedule depending on the car finance option you choose. For those looking for a quick estimate with more general info, you can use our car finance calculator, which gives a brief indication of how much you will be able to afford to borrow as a loan. It is important to remember that this is only an estimate, and the actual figure will be impacted by the amount you borrow and your own financial situation. 


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Save time and hassle by letting us lodge a financing application for you. Our expert brokers will source the best option, tailored to your needs, prepare your documents and follow up within 24 hours to secure your loan sooner.

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Next comes approval, enjoy the feeling of knowing you’re only one step away from acquiring financing! Your chosen lender will perform their final checks and both parties sign off any remaining paperwork prior to settlement.

4. Settlement

You’ve been approved, signed your documents and acquired any necessary insurance. Settlement is the time when the lender lodges your documents and transfers the funds. Congratulations, you’ve achieved financing in four easy steps!