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Property Finance Options

Credit One can find ideal property solutions for businesses and individuals, no matter their goals. Options include Construction Loan Finance, Refinancing, First Homebuyer, Investment Property Finance, Commercial Property Finance and Homebuyer. 

Discover why Credit One really is the quicker, smarter and friendlier way to finance by calling CREDIT (1300 273 348) or obtain an online quote. 

Construction Loan Finance

Credit One can find the best option for you when it comes to construction! 

A construction loan applies when you are substantially renovating, building, knocking down, rebuilding or even adding additional rooms. A construction loan draws on funds progressively during various stages of the construction process. 

A major benefit of construction loan financing is you only make repayments based on the amount the loan has been drawn. This makes living expenses more manageable if you are renting a house while a property is completed. 


Credit One can help you refinance your mortgage! 

This option allows you to contractually change the specifics of your current home loan. There are many reasons for needing to refinance; debt consolidation, lowering your fixed interest rate or even to free some capital in your property's equity. 

It is important to speak to the right advisor when refinancing your mortgage to find a product to suit your specific needs and Credit One's finance consultants are ready to assist. 

First Homebuyer 

Credit One knows taking the first step to buy a house is one of the biggest decisions you will make financially. You need to be sure the purchase is right for you as your purchase will realistically play a part in the next 30 years of your life. 

As a first homebuyer you are eligible for a government grant. Depending on the state where you make your purchase, this varies from $5,000 to $25,000. There are also purchase price caps in place, which again varies on the state where you are buying or building. 

Investment Property Finance 

Credit One can assist you in buying your second home allowing you to benefit from equitable profit. 

As a homebuyer you are already aware and use to the long term commitment of a home loan, so adapting to the weekly payments of any out of pocket expenses after the rental income may come as second nature to you. Many Australians are investing their futures in property and benefiting from rental return. Investing in property and renting it out assists with the mortgage repayments with the aim to make an equitable profit in the future. 

Commercial Property Finance

Credit One can advise on commercial property finance! 

Commercial investing is different to residential investing. Commercial properties are generally warehouses, retail shops, factories or car parks and are deemed a higher risk; in which case the rental return is generally greater. 

A key attribute to commercial property leasing is that the lessee pays the property maintenance and rates in addition to the rent. Although there are many attractive features of a commercial investment property, getting into this kind of investment generally requires the borrower to have a larger deposit, roughly around 30%, or equity in their current property based on individual merit. The same guidelines are required if the property is to be owner occupied. Affordability and feasibility should be discussed with your accountant. 


Credit One can assist homebuyers already in the market! 

Being a second homebuyer, you know the processes involved to get into the property market. Having been through it once you know what to expect from acceptance of offer, finance and documenting through to picking up the keys! 

Having already established a lending history and being asset backed, getting into that next house is much easier. Generally you do one of two things, sell the home you're in to get into the next or; use the equity in your current property (if any) and take on a second property and rent one of them. Credit One can ensure the process is as streamlined as possible. 


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