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Caravanning Essentials Every Traveller Needs

Posted on Thursday 26th August 2020

Caravanning is unlike any other type of outdoor adventure. It boasts a wide range of location options, dependant on the type of caravan you own and requires very particular accessories for each trip. When heading out on your next caravan adventure there are a few essentials you’ll need for life on the road. Here’s what you’ll need and why your next adventure can’t be without any of these caravanning accessories.

Travel-Friendly Crockery and Glassware

Most caravans come equipped with small kitchenettes and compact cupboard storage. The majority of caravanners use these cupboards to store their plates, bowls, cups and glasses but these items are prone to shifting as your caravan takes to the road. Breakable homewares made of glass and ceramic will likely break on the bumpy road as they move around inside the cupboard. Melamine is one of the best options for caravanning accessories as it is easy to clean and is virtually unbreakable.

Mats and Towels

Travelling between campsites and powered caravan locations can be a dirty business. Especially when transporting and using outdoor equipment in and out of the van. Removable mats and towels allow you to prevent dirt from spreading around the van. Manage wet or muddy spills by disposing of dirty rugs or removing them to be cleaned.

Leaving old towels near the cabin entrance is an absolute must so you can use them in a hurry. Having these on hand means no worrying about ruining good linen or spreading water and grime throughout the caravan.

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Power Cords and Leads

Your caravan has particular power outlets to connect the van to powered caravan and camping sites. When packing your extension leads, ensure you have the right one for your van. Most hardware stores sell caravan specific cords labelled with the voltage and pin type.

Check the power outlets inside of your van carefully, most models will only have a couple of points throughout the interior. Packing a four to five socket power board will give you additional supply for appliances. This is especially useful in the meal area when using toaster, kettle and other devices at one time.

Road Accident Survival

Anything can happen during a caravanning adventure, including issues with the mechanics of the van or the towing vehicle. From accidents with other vehicles to engine issues, you need to be prepared with spare parts, tools and equipment to handle any problems. Spare tyres for both your van and car are essential as both sets of tyres can quickly develop punctures, especially on off-road surfaces.

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