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Boat Finance Geelong

Choose the boat finance Geelong marine enthusiasts know and trust – that’s Credit One.

Credit One is proud to offer commercial and private boat finance and leisure loan options that make getting on the water faster and easier than ever. Dealing with Credit One means that you will speak directly with boating enthusiasts (just like you) that understand how to secure the best variable or fixed term boat loan in Geelong. Whether you are looking to buy a fishing boat, yacht, power boat, or just looking for a summer cruiser – speak to the company that Geelong enthusiasts trust.

Unlike large financial institutions that will treat you like a number, we go the extra mile (at a rate of knots) to understand your unique circumstances and provide access to the right lenders. Our passion for outdoor leisure and marine is evident in each decision that we make. Instead of offering every loan and insurance option under the sun – we choose to focus on the leisure and marine space.

With access to more than forty of Australia’s most trusted lenders – including some that are not accessible to the public, finding the best boat loan Geelong has to offer has never been easier.

Find out why we have more than 1,000 five-star Google reviews and why our customers won’t stop raving about us. Fill out an online Marine Finance Quote or speak directly with a broker today on 1300 CREDIT (1300 273 348) to find out how we can help you to secure your dream vessel at an affordable rate.

Geelong Boat Loan Calculator

Compare your options and find the best rates on the market with our boat loan calculator. Simply fill in your loan details below to find out how we stack up against the market.

Your Geelong Boat Loan Options Explained

Explore your options with Credit One’s boat loan and leisure finance product range. Whether you are looking to cast a line off Cunningham Pier or see Cario Bay like you have never seen it before, our range of Geelong boat finance options will turn your dream into a reality sooner, with less stress.

Can’t find the boat loan you were looking for? Don’t stress! Our finance options can be tailored towards your unique circumstances. Get in touch with the team on 1300 CREDIT or fill out the form below to arrange a consultation.

Personal Boat Loan

Whether you are looking to purchase new, second hand, or wanting to renovate an old vessel, personal boat loans are suitable for a wide range of options. With a personal loan, you can combine multiple loans into a single, predictable, and manageable monthly loan repayment – without any nasty surprises.

Secured Boat Loan

Take advantage of low interest rates and no-nonsense lending conditions with a secured boat loan. Depending on your upfront payment amount, a secured loan can be configured to be less than, the same as, or greater than the total value of the boat.

Commercial Fishing Boat Loan

Whether you’re looking to lure Snapper, Snook, Salmon, or Whiting – our commercial fishing boat loans mean that getting your commercial fishing business up and running has never been easier. Credit One provide access to commercial loans that can be tailored to suit one or multiple vessels and means that you can handle all of your repayments in one simple, monthly repayment.

Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) Boat Loan

Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) loans mean that our team will purchase a vessel on behalf of your industry and hire it back to you for a set loan amount. CHP loans are an excellent option for businesses wanting to mitigate risk, without compromising having to compromise on the use of a vessel. At the end of the CHP loan, you will take full ownership of your boat.

Private Sale Boat Loan

Private sale boat loans mean that you can take advantage of Geelong’s second-hand market with the surety of a specialised loan. In a second-hand market that is flooded with high-quality, cut-price vessels, we want to help you to make the most of the opportunity.

Chattel Mortgage

Boat chattel mortgage loans mean that you will take ownership of a vessel at the time of purchase. Once the transaction is complete, Credit One will arrange a mortgage against the value of the boat which we can then use to secure the best rates in the market.

Geelong Boat Finance with a Difference

Credit One is committed to helping Geelong locals to make the most of Port Phillip Bay, Corio Bay, and anywhere else that your imagination can take you. We are proud to be helping hundreds of Geelong locals to make the most of the area with bespoke marine finance and loan options.

We are not bound by the rules of a single financial institution which means that our team of passionate brokers can get to work finding the best loan for your unique requirements. Credit One provides access to Geelong (and Australia’s) top lenders which means that we can shop the market on your behalf to offer the best possible deals.

The Credit One team will find the best loan amongst forty of Australia’s most trusted lenders to ensure that you get the best possible boat loan Geelong has to offer. Our team of brokers is privy to unique market insights which means that finding the right loan for your unique requirements has never been easier.

It is no coincidence that Credit One have been named ‘Broker of the Year’ for three years in a row.

Boat Finance Geelong FAQ

How Do I Apply?

Applying for a boat loan in Geelong is easy with Credit One express. Simply fill out a form below or get in touch by phoning 1300 CREDIT (1300 273 348) to apply for boat loan or finance today.

What Do You Need for My Application?

We assess each application on a case-by-case basis. During your consultation, our team will advise exactly what is required to get your loan approved and provide steps to share that information. Generally speaking, we will always require proof of income such as tax returns, BAS statements (for business), or payslips.

How Long Does Approval Take?

The approval timeline will be unique to your unique circumstances. In some cases, we can have your loan sorted and approved in a very short amount of time. In other cases, things can take a little bit longer. In any case, we will work with and your timeline to provide a solution that will get you on the water sooner.

How Much Can I Borrow?

The amount of money that you can borrow for Geelong boat finance will depend on your circumstances and the type of loan that you wish to take out. Factors such as existing loans and mortgages will have an impact on the amount that you can borrow and the process for approval.

What Age of Boat Do You Offer Loans for?

The age of the boat that we can provide loans for will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Vessel age, history, and value are all factors that we consider when assessing your boat loan application.


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How To Apply

1. Enquiry

Whether you’re after a new car, financing for a home, a business equipment loan or something a little more fun, Credit One can help secure your dream. Simply contact us online by or and chat with our friendly team.

2. Lodgement

Save time and hassle by letting us lodge a financing application for you. Our expert brokers will source the best option, tailored to your needs, prepare your documents and follow up within 24 hours to secure your loan sooner.

3. Approval

Next comes approval, enjoy the feeling of knowing you’re only one step away from acquiring financing! Your chosen lender will perform their final checks and both parties sign off any remaining paperwork prior to settlement.

4. Settlement

You’ve been approved, signed your documents and acquired any necessary insurance. Settlement is the time when the lender lodges your documents and transfers the funds. Congratulations, you’ve achieved financing in four easy steps!