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Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental is a smarter way to keep up with technology and maximise your investment in technology assets that rapidly depreciate.

Credit One provides specialised Rental finance to all business and industry sectors. Our solutions are tailored to your business needs allowing you to access a range of innovative services which embrace the entire IT asset life-cycle and helps you manage your cash flow.

Rental finance is a competitive “off balance sheet” financing tool that provides the renter with greater flexibility and reduces the risks associated with owning equipment that is of a technological nature and is subject to obsolescence within a 3 to 4 year period (i.e. Computer Hardware and Software equipment).

Benefits of Equipment Rental

  • Available for most asset types
  • Avoid technology obsolescence
  • Off balance sheet reporting
  • Enables you to obtain the latest technology now
  • Tax deductible payments
  • Preserve your cash flow
  • Tailored rental solutions and also trade up more frequently
  • Master Rental Facilities available
  • Consolidation of all your hardware, software, installation , maintenance and training
  • Flexible end of term possibilities
  • Fixed regular payments for ease of budgeting

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