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Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

If your working capital is a little stretched, Credit One has the solution! 

Put simply, you make the sale and then sell us the invoice. We'll immediately pay you up to 80% of the invoice or invoice's face value. No waiting, no fuss, no trading history checks, no collateral requirements and no locked in contracts! When your customer pays, we'll remit the balance 20% less our fee. 

How does Invoice Finance work?

The core product is called "invoice discounting', which means we purchase one or more of your account receivables (invoices) from you at a discount. What you get is immediate payment, in cash. 

There are no surprises and our involvement is fully disclosed to your customer. This is done in a very professional manner ensuring your relationship with your customer is not affected in any way. 

We fund either a single or small batch of invoices that you have selected and you don't hand over your entire customer base or debtor ledger. In this situation, your customer is aware you have engaged our services and agrees to pay the account direct to us. 

This works in three easy steps:

  1. You invoice your client 
  2. We pay you 80% of the invoice value within 24 hours. 
  3. When your client pays the invoice, we pay you the remainder of the balance, less our fees. 

If your business could benefit from this service, call our invoice financing specialist David Boyd on (07) 5532 6951 or 0409 775 422 for a no obligation consultation. 

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