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Michael Rojek

Managing Director & CEO
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Michael Rojek is an accomplished CEO and business leader who has built a successful career in the finance, real estate, insurance, and online classifieds industries.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from his early involvement in his family’s business, Michael has made a name for himself as a dynamic entrepreneur and innovator.

After starting his career in one of Australia’s large banks, Michael decided to become a finance broker, and eventually founded the Credit One Group. Under his leadership, the Credit One Group has grown into a highly successful brand, expanding into multiple industries and expanding internationally to New Zealand with the highly regarded and businesses.

In addition to the Credit One Group, Michael is also the co-founder of , a growing real estate brand with locations in Ipswich and Springwood and now Toowoomba and also , an independent Australian mid prime financier.

Michael is also the founder of , a property and business general insurance brokerage.

Recently, Michael launched the , a parent company for a range of classifieds sites, further expanding his business interests. His latest ventures include , , , , and , with plans to launch more sites throughout 2023.

With a passion for business and a deep understanding of the industries he operates in, Michael continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. He is committed to expanding his industry knowledge and business opportunities, while also building a highly skilled and dedicated team of over 160 staff across Australia and New Zealand. Michael’s visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit make him an inspiring CEO.

Dear Michael

I wanted to thank you very much for assisting in my loan application for my commercial vehicle and my two insurances with Credit One.

Your team were very polite and extremely helpful and I found the whole process to be highly professional.

I really appreciate how easy the process was considering it was my first time making such applications in Australia.

The business is a great credit to your hard work and high standards.

Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Piergiorgio Morale

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