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Caravan Finance Options

Credit One finds the best solution to get you on the road faster!

Our options include a Secured Caravan Loan, Caravan Asset Lease, Caravan Commercial Hire Purchase and Caravan Chattel Mortgage

Discover why Credit One really is the quicker, smarter and friendlier way to finance. Contact us on 07 3340 7000 or apply online for an obligation-free caravan finance pre-approval.


Secured Caravan Loan

With a secured caravan loan, the caravan is used as security. An amount is lent that is either equal to, less than or greater than the caravan...

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Caravan Asset Lease

A caravan asset lease enables the customer to have the use of their caravan and the benefits of ownership, while the financier retains...

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Caravan Commercial Hire Purchase

Commercial hire purchase is also known as a corporate hire purchase, hire purchase or offer to hire, and is often abbreviated as CHP or HP...

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Secured Camper Trailer Finance 

A chattel mortgage is a commercial loan product where the customer takes ownership of the caravan at the time of purchase...

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Our finance specialists will save you time & money by comparing 40+ leading lenders to get you bank-beating caravan finance. Best of all - if you're not completely satisfied, your application is obligation-free.

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